Bunny rabbit briefly bombs impromptu Periscope news report

Above: “Lex and Davey” pull up on the scene.

In the broadcast news tradition, it’s usually all business when you’e on the air. Reporters at the scene focus every second on the news and maintain a concise, precise and authoritative manner of speech.

But Periscope reporters come from different walks, have individual values and sometimes seem to understand they are inventing a new genre.

Late last month, UK radio celebrities “Lex and Davey” tweeted “LIVE on #Periscope: Live police chase” — with a Periscope link — and then pulled up on the scene to deliver an impromptu play-by-play news report.

“There’s been a crash there,” one voice reported as viewers watched police taking a person into custody.

One explained that they “saw him speeding away” earlier, counted the police cars on scene and reported that they were on the A-6 in Chorley, which is in northwest England.

But there was also laughter as one said “Do not pass go,” an old Monopoly reference, during the arrest and we also heard a voice describe the “lovely, pretty police lady” who arrived to help.

Overheard questions (“Should we? Can we?”) and reactions (“I’m stuck. Oh, wow!”) also peppered the report.

The pair pulled away from the scene but promised a second look as they changed directions and paused at a traffic circle.

As I tried to explain in the last post, one of the strangest challenges of Periscoping live news is that you are live as you move between shots.

This time, a bunny rabbit briefly bombed the report. Here’s the video:

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