Imagine live-streaming mobile video from Facebook — or just start using Meerkat

Both Meerkat and Periscope introduced app updates with new functions this week, but Facebook could make all the difference.

A comprehensive wrap from  explains that Meerkat 1.5 now includes: “the ability to sign up on the platform through Facebook instead of Twitter,” and as Forbes noted:

“Meerkat’s larger presence on Facebook could help the social network to test how much its 1.44 billion monthly active users want to see and share live videos on the platform.”

“The most innovative new feature is “Cameo,” which lets you (consensually) hijack someone else’s Meerkat stream for up to 60 seconds,” according to, adding that: “This collaborative tool brings some of the fun of services like Chatroulette to Meerkat, without the creepy invasiveness.”

And according to “It’s also a killer feature for Meerkat; one Periscope doesn’t have, and won’t be able to duplicate without scrutiny from users.”

Meerkat “is also rolling out a beta version of Meerkat Library that allows users to save their live-streams directly to their own personal Meerkat library as opposed to saving it to a third-party service like YouTube or a phones camera roll,” according to

Mashable reports that: “To kick off the launch, Meerkat is partnering with The Weather Channel, TMZ, Fox, The CW, Mastercard and Champion League Sports.”

The update is available now in Apple’s App Store, according to, adding that the Android app was also updated on Wednesday, “but there’s no mention of any of these new features.”

Meanwhile: Periscope 1.1.2 goes live

With the latest Periscope update: “When you block someone’s message within a livestream, that message will appear as blocked to you only,” according to, which continues: “The app also introduces some helpful housekeeping issues, including a way to get rid of the keyboard without accidentally ending your broadcast, the ability to edit your full name, and a clearer sign-in process.”

And as noted: “In this update your username is – get ready for this – viewable from your profile. At last!”

Now, let me know when somebody enables easy embedding.


Photo at top: Meerkats by, via Wikimedia Commons and used in accordance with Creative Commons licensing.

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I am a solutions-oriented independent multimedia journalist, based in Philadelphia.

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