Fargo Police streamed traffic stops on Periscope

Above: Nicole A Johnson of Valley News Live tweeted this frame grab from a Fargo Police traffic stop on Periscope.

Over the period of “18 hours or so, the @FargoPolice twitter handle… tweeted links to four traffic stops” recently, according to valleynewslive.com.

The department said “they could use Periscope as a tool to build trust,” according to a report from wday.com.

“But the use of the app Periscope and similar smartphone tools has many asking if they’re an effective way to raise awareness about public safety — or simply a device for public shaming,” NBC News reports.

Gizmodo called the experiment “an embarrassing failure,” continuing:

“Fargo police clearly have no idea what they’re doing, but insist their social media experiment is a worthy one.”

A Fargo Police officer said they were “making sure it does not reveal drivers identities” when they used Periscope, according to kfgo.com.

Officer Jessica Schindeldecker told a news station “that it’s just another way for the department to connect with the community and increase transparency,” according to a post at officer.com.

Valley News Live has a video report:

But at this time, Periscope-related tweets appear to have been deleted from the police timeline and of course the temporary video links have expired.

Other police departments are using Periscope in an attempt to show all sides of police encounters,” according to a report from rt.com, adding that recently: “a St. Louis County lieutenant colonel used the app to tape protests in Ferguson, Missouri.”

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I am a solutions-oriented independent multimedia journalist, based in Philadelphia.

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