Periscope embraces social screeshotting

“Periscope released an update (this week) for iOS users that lets you see if people are taking screenshots of your videos,’ according to, explaining: “If someone takes one while you’re broadcasting, a screenshot icon will appear on the screen alongside the hearts.”Now you can see if someone screenshots your Periscope broadcasts

“Unlike Snapchat, where the screenshot is a big no-no, Periscope wants screenshotting to be completely social,” according to, continuing: “Leveraging the Twitter graph is the obvious move.”

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White House ‘Scopes the Pope

The White House launched Periscope coverage for the first time Tuesday to cover the arrival of Pope Francis:

“More than 11,000 people tuned in to check it out, and the White House Periscope account (quickly gained) nearly 3,800 followers,” according to the, also recalling that President Obama once called the internet “a gift from God.”