Weekend reading: Issues taking shape around live streaming video

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Thursday night Periscopes, left to right above: I watched a parade in New Zealand marking the the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli Campaign, checked out the view from the Philadelphia Police helicopter and watched as some guy chased wild turkeys around his yard.

The recent explosion in live streaming video emerged so quickly that you can still read almost every news media report, and I have organized many according to issue below.

Advertising and Marketing:
• Periscope Has More Repeat Users Than Meerkat – adweek.com
• Twitter Inc (TWTR) Periscope Service To Be A Major Ad Revenue Catalyst – bidnessetc.com
• Live-Stream Video Shows Big Potential For Content Marketers – mediapost.com
• Live Video Is The New Clickbait – TechCrunch

• 3 easy, enjoyable experiments CIOs could do with Meerkat or Periscope – itworldcanada.com
• Weekend Read: Do the Latest Live-Streaming Apps Make Sense for Business? – WSJ

• Meerkat Beats Twitter’s Periscope To Android Launch – ubergizmo.com
• Twitter Is Winning The Live Streaming Battle – techcrunch.com
• Periscope Trumps Arch-Rival Meerkat In Tweets – mediapost.com

Critical concerns:
• All the Ways That Your Livefeed Is a Lie – gizmodo.com
• Up Periscope! Twitter’s live-streaming app is exciting us, but here’s how it could be better – The Guardian
• Periscope is ALREADY on its way to becoming a parent’s worst nightmare – Daily Mail
• Students voice concerns about live video streaming apps – usatoday.com

• Periscope vs. Meerkat for Education – Work in Progress – Education Week

• How social media livestreams will impact political journalism – Columbia Journalism Review
• Periscoping Nano News: Fairfax County, Va., Live Streams Press Conference on Escapee – emergencymgmt.com

• Live streaming apps like Meerkat and Periscope pose legal risks – computerworld.com
•What Does Periscope’s Live Mobile Streaming Mean to Media? – huffingtonpost.com
• Periscope’s piracy problems: HBO issues takedown notices after Twitter’s app used to broadcast Game of Thrones – dailymail.co.uk
• NFL Broadcast Copyrights Threatened By Periscope, Meerkat – CBS New York

• New Periscope, Meerkat Apps Changing How You See Politics – abc6onyourside

• The 10 types of people you will see on Twitter’s Periscope – The Guardian
• 3 ways people are using Periscope app live-streaming – digitaljournal.com
• Meerkat, Periscope making live streaming ‘interesting again’ – cbc.ca
• What Periscope and Meerkat mean to our lives – livemint.com

• Periscope live streaming app raises new questions about privacy, citizen journalism – CBC News

• Up Periscope? Get ready for a new data overload – channel4.com
• How will we index and search live video streams? – ITProPortal.com

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