Gunfire streamed on Periscope; leads to arrests

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Sacramento police said they arrested two men with a gun who set out to threaten another man “all while broadcasting the whole thing using the Periscope app,” according to local news station, which added: “The two will now face a number of charges.” Police “are calling a video that depicts a man firing a gun from a moving car disturbing,” reported.

“Police say this is the first situation like this they’ve seen locally—a social-media user broadcasting for an hour what could have been a deadly encounter as all of his Periscope followers looked on.” – CBS Sacramento

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Some news organizations recently reported that another Periscope user streamed while he was “pursued by police cars with flashing lights and sirens,” but other posts suggested it may have been a hoax.

Of course, another gunman made news with video and social media last week in Virginia, although he did not stream the incident live.

As previously reported: Several news organizations were reporting that police were Periscoping traffic stops in Fargo, North Dakota.