Periscope brings nexting to web viewers with “Couchmode”

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Above: Bill @Couch, far right, demonstrates “Couchmode” at Periscope HQ.

Periscope product engineer Bill Couch tweeted a link Monday to his stream introducing their new “Couchmode” function, which enables random nexting for web users.

We learned from the video that “Couchmode” will feature popular streams, although the selection process was not revealed. Couch later tweeted some tips, including:

We also learned that they watch streams an a TV turned vertically at the Periscope headquarters, seen above at left, and which I have been thinking about doing for some time.

Couch also introduced new Periscope web engineer Patrick Camacho and together they promised that more web features will be coming soon. The Next Web has more info: Periscope’s new Couch Mode let’s you watch an endless stream of live video

There hasn’t been much more reporting but lots of people are tweeting about “Couchmode.”