Streaming all over the world: Ballparks, concerts and crime scenes

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Above, from left: Streams from @MarlonAnderson8, @Lisabstark and @ScottEvansonAir were among many shared during Major League Baseball’s Home Run Derby Monday night.

Here’s how it looked when U2 invited a fan to get up on the stage and stream during a recent show, according to a post from about the band’s streams from Toronto.

Dan Rather is expecting to see stories break on Meerkat during the 2016 US Presidential election, according to a report from
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And the police chief in the Indian city of Bengaluru has “proposed that citizens should report and record crimes using the live-streaming app as part of a new strategy for community policing,” according to a post at

Finally, here’s a stream from U2’s show in Chicago, captured and posted by U2 Argentina: