Photojournalist Joe Kaczmarek reports live from Amtrak crash scene in Philadelphia using Periscope

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Above: Frame grabs from Kaczmarek’s Periscope report.

Note: Above all, my thoughts are with the victims of last night’s Amtrak derailment in Philadelphia. We also need to recognize the remarkable work of our first responders, including many members of the local news media.

At the same time, we saw some groundbreaking journalism from Philadelphia freelance news photographer Joe Kaczmarek, who managed to stream a couple of brief Periscope news reports while covering the Amtrak crash as a still photographer working for The Associated Press. Here is an excerpt:

More than 2,000 people watched the second stream, and many shared their reactions:

Disclosure: Joe Kaczmarek and I are longtime friends and colleagues. We previously cofounded the Gun Crisis Reporting Project.