Periscope CEO talks journalism with Fast Company

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“The reason journalism through Periscope is so compelling is because it’s the first time the news is not a passive experience.”

“[With] prerecorded content—and even live television—you sit on your couch and just consume what’s been packaged for you. With Periscope, you can contribute. Viewers can ask the broadcaster questions. The other difference is that it has the potential to be more immediate. It’s difficult to put three cameramen, an audio guy, and a reporter on a truck or on a plane and send them somewhere. It’s easier for someone who’s already there to pull out their phone. I think you’ll see more coverage of notable events, more quickly. When the fire happened [in New York’s East Village] the day of our launch, there were 60 people broadcasting it simultaneously—half an hour before the first camera crews got there.” – Periscope CEO Kayvon BeykpourPeriscope CEO Kayvon Beykpour: “Periscope has become a medium that can build truth and empathy”