Seeking the killer accessory for live-streaming mobile video

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I have spotted wireless smartphone lenses from Kodak, Olympus and Sony, and even a wireless wearable camera called Lightbox, but they all appear to depend on dedicated apps for streaming to a smart phone, to record first and playback later.

Borrowing a comment from a recent review of the new, tiny GoPro Hero4:

“I’m waiting for the $150 lapel pin sized GoPro with 20hrs of recording time, cloud connected, and with real time streaming to my Social Media followers.”

Until that happens, here are some of the coolest looking accessories I have seen recommended for live-streamers:

The folks who bought us Olloclip lenses have now launched a new Kickstarter campaign “to help build Olloclip Studio, a new mobile design solution that includes a rugged case… and a series of accessories (using) an innovative channel system,” according to Mashable.

Olloclip Studio is an iPhone rig that Periscopers will love
You will get smooth tracking shots with the iStabilizer Dolly, according to Accessories for a successful Periscope broadcast

A stabilizing gimbal with a motor gyro system is among several cool tools featured at

Accessories for a successful Periscope broadcast
A “tiny flash/light bar” comes with the Klyp+ mini studio, according to Top 10 Accessories For Periscope & Meerkat Users – Wiproo

And another Mashable post says the Action Mount Chest Mount will set you hands-free without the “dorkiness of a head mount:”

5 accessories to improve your crappy Meerkat videos