Meerkat makes it easy to embed streams on your site

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In case you’re not familiar with embedding, it is the very simple process of using a tool to generate and copy code which you can then paste into blog posts and other platforms, in order to display multimedia content.

This is how most of the inline YouTube videos, tweets, SlideShare and other presentations you see wind up on many sites, but you don’t even need to read the code you are posting.

And Meerkat just beat Periscope to the punch on this critical service, which many of us have been eagerly awaiting. A page on the Meerkat website walks you through the process:

The embedded player is smart. It will show your live stream if you’re live. If you’re not live, if will show your next upcoming stream. If you have no upcoming streams, it will display stats from your last stream. If you have not streamed yet, it will show your profile.

Users can pick from three sizes, upload a cover image, and have the option to allow or disallow comments on the embeddable player, according to

Supporting embedment is important because “it allows video publishers to keep traffic on their own websites,” explains. Previously, viewers had to click through from the direct link or watch via the Meerkat app, according to

As explains: “The move could help (Meerkat) broaden its reach and differentiate itself from Periscope, a similar service owned by Twitter.”

Meanwhile, Meerkat is not disclosing active users but says May was their highest traffic month — more than tripling March levels — according to

Update: Now there is a plugin available, which makes it even easier for WordPress users to embed Meerkat streams.

Variety reports on how Meerkat partnered with Shark Week on the Discovery Channel to introduce the embedding service:

Discovery Channel Debuts Meerkat’s New Embed Feature for ‘Shark Week’

Here is a comprehensive video tutorial in the Meerkat embedding process:

Photo at top of post: One of two resident male whale sharks in the Georgia Aquarium in the United States. Photo Zac Wolf, used in accordance with Creative Commons licensing.