Persicope among tech tools prohibited at Wimbledon

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In advance of their annual tournament, Wimbledon issued a statement saying that using Periscope will not be allowed, according to, quoting a spokesperson who added that there “will be stewards around to ensure that their is no funny business.”

How Wimbledon will fight invasion of Periscope, selfie sticks and drones (Wired UK)

However, officials have been using the live-streaming app to promote the event:

Wired explains:

The dichotomy in attitudes between the policy and its own social media feed raises the question as to whether technology might make or break this year’s championship. Wimbledon’s organisers don’t seem to be able to decide: some uses of technology are being embraced, whereas others are being treated as a threat.

Meanwhile, here is a live list of tweets linked to Periscope feeds with “Wimbledon” in the title:

Photo at top: Centre Court an Wimbledon, by Albert Lee, used with permission.